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Version History


  • Added an account transfer screen, to enable transferring of data to future replacement apps.
  • Made the order of sticky cards and yellows consistent throughout the app and URL QR codes, putting stickies before yellows (including when creating new locks).
  • Fixed: You can no longer tap locks and go to the card picking screen when the "Checking for Updates" message is shown.
  • Fixed: Fanatical lockee role was missing for some users on the different follower screens.
  • Fixed: Test lock flag was missing on 'Lockee wants your decision' recent activity item.
  • Fixed: You could change pages on the card picking screen when the picked card was visible.
  • Fixed: Yellow cards wouldn't add any reds if the number of reds to be added would go over the red card limit.
  • Fixed: Minimum version required on shared locks was being set incorrectly if the lock had resets.
  • Fixed: Auto resets that were paused may have been sending notifications when the auto reset was originally due.


  • Added a "Refresh Locks From Server" option to the menu for when any of your locks look broken.
  • Minimum duration is reset when a lock is reset by keyholder or end of lock decision.
  • Recent Activity screen now shows the lock name for lockees on keyholder updates.
  • You can now create locks with check-ins between 24 and 48 hours.
  • Added filter options to recent activity screen.
  • Added basic stats to profile screen.
  • Option added to settings to choose what stat types to show on profile screen.
  • Fixed: Loading your own shared lock would send you a notification and add an entry to the recent activity screen.


  • Fixed: Resets on fixed locks weren't working correctly, including end of lock resets.
  • Fixed: Loading an invalid image from gallery and then loading a valid lock from URL would error and fail to load.


  • Keyholder and bot controlled locks now check for updates before letting you pick.
  • Keyholders can now see abandoned locks in the recent activity screen (excludes fake locks). Notification also sent when a lock is abandoned.
  • Keyholders can send fake updates if card info or timer hidden. Lockee needs to be on this version or higher too.
  • Items mentioning users you've blocked should no longer appear in the recent activity list.
  • Lock simulations take into account the remaining time on a current card freeze.
  • Fixed: Chances accumulated on keyholders side was not resetting when they reset a lock. Visual bug only.
  • Fixed: Test icons on keyholder side wasn't being cleared properly between screens.
  • Fixed: Lockees could add greens taking them over the maximum of 100 greens.
  • Fixed: Chances accumulated would increase while frozen on the keyholders side. Visual bug only.
  • Fixed: Swiping the recent activity would click on an item and take you away from the screen.
  • Fixed: The spinning busy wheel would block any buttons underneath it.
  • Fixed: 'Pause Auto Reset' option could appear on locks that didn't have resets when the freeze button was pressed.


  • Recent activity screen added.
  • Keyholders can disable/block test locks on their locks.
  • Flashing random combination screen can now be accessed at anytime from the menu.
  • Lockees can restart keyholder locks easily from the 'My Locks' screen once it has been completed, and combination revealed. Not available on bot locks.
  • Lock names now accept non-alphanumeric characters.


  • Keyholders can toggle a free unlock option for the lockee to use when needed.
  • Keyholders can switch lockees from non-cumulative to cumulative when trust hasn't been given.
  • Keyholders can clone/copy their locks.
  • Lockees can choose to block the bots from unlocking them early. The setting can be found on the lock information screen, and can be changed throughout the lock session.
  • End of lock 'Put last green back' option replaced with 'Decline unlock' if there's still greens in the deck.
  • 'Show My User ID' added to main menu.
  • More fixes to simulation data.
  • Fixed locks can now be reset with a random time between the original settings.
  • Fixed: Sort option for last online was missing on keyholders fixed locks.
  • Fixed: Late check-in was capping at 1 day on fixed locks on keyholders side. Visual bug only.
  • Fixed: Keyholders couldn't add check-ins to an existing lock.
  • Fixed: Social accounts couldn't be disconnected from your profile.
  • Fixed: The min and max values on the lock options screen was not adjusting automatically if the numbers were typed.
  • Fixed: Free unlock option was not showing on lockees side if keys were disabled.

VERSION 2.6.12

  • Fixed: URL at the bottom of the shared lock QR screen was missing.
  • Fixed: Lockee and keyholder could rate each other when the keyholder deleted lockee from their lock.
  • Fixed: Creating a lock from the 'Lock Templates' screen would only work if the main role was set as lockee.
  • Fixed: Changing late check-in window on existing locks would not show the save button.
  • Fixed: Lock simulations were triggering auto resets multiple times at the same time. Thankfully it didn't affect the overall locked time in the simulations.

VERSION 2.6.10 & 2.6.11

  • Fixed: Lockees when deleted from a lock were able to still ask for the keyholder decide at the end of the lock from the card picking screen if the number of greens required was more 1.
  • Fixed: Time left until the card freezes was shown on all previous card freezes in the log on the keyholders side. A visual bug only.
  • Fixed: Reset cards and auto resets weren't working correctly in lock simulations on an existing lock. It worked fine in the simulations shown when creating a new lock.
  • Fixed: Chances accumulated was showing on the keyholder side some time after the keyholder switched the users lock to non-cumulative. A visual bug only.
  • Fixed: When switching a users lock between cumulative and non-cumulative the update wasn't clearing properly on the keyholders side so was being applied again with the next update.
  • Fixed: Check-in information was being shown on locks in the deserted tab. Should have been active locks only.


  • Fixed: Keyholders could only toggle between cumulative and non-cumulative on a lockees lock if the lock had auto resets.
  • Fixed: Delete lockee was appearing on both the unlocked and deserted tabs. It should have only been on the locked tab.


  • Added the server time to About screen. Useful for events like Locktober.
  • Keyholders can toggle a lockees lock between cumulative and non-cumulative. The lockee needs to be on this version or higher.
  • Keyholders can now set how long after check-in is required before it's classed as a late check-in.
  • Keyholders can delete locked lockees from their locks.
  • Keyholders can filter their shared locks on locks that have users locked, by also further including and excluding test lockees.
  • Keyholders can filter their shared locks on lockees that are pending ratings.
  • Fixed: Keyholders could add fake locks to an existing fixed lock even when min and max duration were the same, by editing a variable lock that had fake copies.
  • Fixed: Lockees that are late with their very first check-in were showing as late by a negative number on the keyholder side.
  • Fixed: When a keyholder deleted a lock and the lockee took the free unlock given by the app, it would sometimes trigger an unlock on another lock in their list.
  • Fixed: Keyholders were sometimes seeing 'auto reset pending' after they did a full keyholder reset.
  • Fixed: Fanatical lockee role colour was incorrect.


  • Keyholders can exclude test locks from their lists.
  • A check-in button has been added to lock(s) on the first screen when the lock requires check-ins.
  • Keyholders also see a check-in button underneath each lockee when the lock requires check-ins.
  • Random sort option has been removed from unlocked and deserted screens on keyholder side, to make it easier to always return the last 200. The locked users screen still has the random option.
  • Fixed: Lock simulations on active locks was not showing time left if the time locked so far was less than the minimum duration of the lock.
  • Fixed: Minutes could not be added to fixed locks by lockee if the timer was hidden.
  • Fixed: Sorting of lock names and usernames in the app was case sensitive and therefore not sorting correctly.
  • Fixed: Time couldn't be added to a fixed lock by the lockee when it was close to the maximum time (400 days).


  • Keyholders can temporarily disable their locks preventing people from loading them.
  • Keyholders can filter their locks to show temporarily disabled ones.
  • Late check-ins on fixed locks is now based on half of the check-in period, and no longer than 24 hours.
  • Keyholder locks can be filtered on users that are awaiting the keyholders decision.
  • Textfields now have a quick delete/reset text input.
  • Fixed: Go again card counts could make the total deck size more than the maximum allowed.
  • Fixed: Simulation on keyholder side was not counting the actual red cards in the usual lock but was instead counting a range from minimum red cards the lock starts with and the number of reds they have.
  • Fixed: Maximum for fixed lock check-ins was 399 minutes and not 399 days.
  • Fixed: Check-ins were not disabled when the lock was completed.
  • Fixed: Fixed locks that started frozen could not be unfrozen by keyholder if not trusted.
  • Fixed: Pressing back button when scanning a lock would leave the camera active.
  • Fixed: Accumulated chances are lost if card freezes ends but keyholder still sees it as frozen.


  • Fixed: Could not log in to existing accounts once logged out.


  • Check-ins on keyholder controlled locks available.
  • Added Fanatical Lockee role.
  • Fixed: Choosing 'Any' on the Lock Template screens would use the last selected draw interval, and not all.


  • You can have combinations generated which have no duplicate digits/characters.
  • Lock Templates added. A feature that lets you find card set ups for desired lock durations.
  • The 'Are you sure you want to unlock user?' dialog/confirm window now shows if it's a fake lock.
  • You can toggle a solo and bot lock between a test and real lock while it's active.
  • Auto reset information is hidden if card information is hidden.
  • The min and max values on the lock options screen now shift/adjust automatically when the max becomes lower than the min or vice versa.
  • Keyholders can add minimum rating required to their locks.
  • Keyholders can start locks frozen.
  • Remaining auto reset information is hidden if card information is hidden.
  • Fixed: Put last green card back was an option visible on fixed locks.
  • Fixed: Running simulations on existing locks was not treating red cards and minimum red cards correctly.
  • Fixed: You could pick another card when the last card picked was still shown as a large card on the screen.
  • Fixed: Chances accumulated were not shown on the keyholder side when the lock was frozen.
  • Fixed: Copying combinations to clipboard on completed locks was not always copying the one you wanted.
  • Fixed: Loading your own keyholder lock which has 'start lock frozen' would leave you without a way of unfreezing it.
  • Fixed: Lock simulations was not always removing reds when yellows that remove reds were picked.
  • Fixed: Lock simulations were doubling yellows incorrectly when a double up card was picked.
  • Fixed: Lock simulations were doubling sticky cards when a double up card was picked. And shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed: Put last green back option at end of lock was appearing when the green was the omly card left before it was revealed.


  • Fixed: You could add cards to locks that were ready to unlock and shouldn't have been able to.
  • Fixed: Running lock simulations when the lock was ready to unlock would crash the app.
  • Fixed: Simulations on active locks were not working correctly with multiple greens required.
  • Fixed: Simulations on active locks were not working correctly with minimum reds/durations.
  • Fixed: Parts of the lock text was being left over between loading locks and looking at own shared locks.
  • Fixed: Sticky cards were not being set correctly in the last picked cards list.
  • Fixed: Lock simulations were appearing on fixed locks on the lockee side.


  • Login with Discord and Twitter temporarily removed (iOS only).
  • Lock estimations/simulation added to running locks on both lockee and keyholder side.
  • Added restore purchases to main menu (iOS only).
  • Card caps increased to 100 double ups, 100 freeze, 100 greens, 100 resets, and 100 stickies.
  • Number of chances is no longer capped to the number of cards in play.
  • Card simulations no longer automatically run (useful for large decks that can cause lags when dragging the screen)
  • Fixed: Changing the name on a keyholder lock would change the minimum version required if the lock had sticky cards.
  • Fixed: Creating a lock with freeze and sticky cards would display an incorrect count of sticky cards when showing the lock information.
  • Fixed: Time left on card freeze was disappearing on the keyholders side after they updated the lock.
  • Fixed: Put last green back option was missing on completed locks on My Locks screen.


  • Dark mode added.
  • Black theme added back.
  • Sticky card added.
  • You can now put back the last green found when all greens have been found.
  • Lock IDs moved from My Locks screen to a section on the Lock Information screen.
  • 'Active Locks' added to My Locks fiter menu.
  • New setting to change app speed/frame rate. Slower frame rate will reduce battery usage on older phones.
  • Multiple keyholder flag shows if a lock with another keyholder is a test lock or not.
  • When scanning a keyholders lock you can now see if the keyholder has been inactive for 1 week or more.
  • Lockees can add cards to their locks from the Lock Information screen.
  • Keyholders can search their locks by id, name and lockee name.
  • Lockees can search their locks by name and keyholder name.
  • Fixed: Looking at other peoples followers/following lists allowed you to follow yourself.
  • Fixed: Auto reset lock text was being left over on locks in keyholders list of locks.
  • Fixed: Auto reset lock notification not scheduling properly after a full lock restart or keyholder reset.
  • Fixed: Pressing back after setting and saving an emoji as a keyholder would get you stuck in a loop between screens.
  • Fixed: When loading another users lock the managed by line shown was being left over and displayed on the information screen of your shared locks.
  • Fixed: Keyholders couldn't unfreeze a card freeze if not trusted.
  • Fixed: Adding time to fixed locks on the Lock Information screen would place the textfields out of view.


  • Auto reset locks added.
  • Follow, unfollow, and block users. Blocked users won't be able to load your locks.
  • View other users followers and following lists.
  • New screens showing deleted lockee and keyholder locks.
  • Keyholders can restore their deleted locks.
  • Lockee locks can be restored if they were deleted within the last 24 hours.
  • Keyholder controlled locks that have been completed and deleted can be restarted.
  • Keyholders can disable the end of lock 'Let Keyholder Decide' option on their locks.
  • Keyholders can see if lockees have disabled keys.
  • Confirm dialogs for each end of lock option.
  • Card caps increased to 30 double ups, 30 freeze, 30 greens, 599 reds, 30 resets, and 1495 yellows.
  • Test locks can be created with 1 minute draw intervals.
  • Test lock icon now showing on the keyholders unlocked and deserted screens.
  • Fixed locks controlled by a keyholder or bot now check for last minute updates before unlocking.
  • 6 new emojis added.
  • Long lock logs no longer slow down the app.
  • Fast scroll bars.
  • Pull down to refresh added to screens.
  • You can copy combinations to clipboard by tapping on them.
  • Keyholders can see the full lock configuration for their locks, even when info is hidden.
  • Number of keys required can be increased after a lock has started.
  • Profiles can be set as private. Only followers you accept can see your profile if private.
  • Last online now updates every 5 minutes when active in the app.
  • The ability to rate test locks has been removed.
  • Bots updated to work with the new increased card caps.
  • Instead of unlocking, bots will now set your lock in a ready to unlock state. Giving you the chance to restart it if it ended earlier than you hoped.
  • Lock IDs for newly created locks have changed. The first 10 digits shows the timestamp created, this hasn't changed. All fakes and the real lock created at the same time will have the same first 10 digits (this is called the group ID). The last 2 digits show the lock number within that group.
  • Fixed: Changing status to 'Sleeping' is not turning off notifications.
  • Fixed: Number of keys to purchase is calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Simulation was resetting freeze cards when reset card was picked and shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed: Total time frozen was being reset when the lock was reset.
  • Fixed: Keyholders couldn't toggle on and off some options on their locks due to lock versioning issues.
  • Fixed: Ready to unlock was not filterable in the logs.
  • Fixed: Keyholders couldn't delete a lock if it had users currently locked.
  • Fixed: Fixed lock circles were blank on keyholder side if the timer reached 0.
  • Fixed: Ratings given by keyholders would sometimes not save.
  • Fixed: Setting either trust keyholder or disable keys on a lock after it was created was not setting it on the other locks within the same group.
  • Fixed: Resetting a lock from 'My Locks' screen was not doing a full lock reset.
  • Fixed: Adding and removing the same amount of yellows (swapping them around) as a keyholder would not trigger an update on the lockees side.
  • Fixed: The 'Display in stats' setting was reverting back to 'No' when the app went into offline mode.
  • Fixed: Number of chances was not increasing if left on the card picking screen for too long.
  • Fixed: Changing lock settings on a shared lock was not correctly setting the version number required.


  • Fixed a bug where 'Let Keyholder Decide' was not showing correctly on keyholders side.
  • Fixed a bug where rating users on keyholders side doesn't save, and may be causing visual problems.
  • Fixed a bug where turning off card shuffles does not save.
  • Fixed a bug where simulation data wasn't correctly resetting when you choose different card types and then say no to some of those different card types.
  • Fixed a bug where locks with more than 200 locked, unlocked or deserted users would crash the app when viewing the users.
  • Fixed a bug where the app crashes if any "Bot Decides" buttons are selected before switching to locks for others.


  • New UI framework.
  • Profile screen updated and can be seen by all users you interact with.
  • Connect your Discord and Twitter accounts to your ChastiKey account.
  • New log in screen added. Log in with your ChastiKey user ID, Discord, or Twitter.
  • Restore account screen removed.
  • Combinations for locks can be seen on the keyholder side.
  • Deleting of locks can be disabled.
  • API dashboard added to app.
  • Kiera web tool/site added to app menu.
  • Locks can be named.
  • Lock logs added.
  • New emojis, more emojis, and the option to colour them.
  • Locks can be flagged as test locks when creating them.
  • Bots have been recoded.
  • Bots can be trusted as keyholders.
  • Fixed locks have been improved.
  • Fixed locks can be reset.
  • Combination length increased to 12.
  • Fake locks can be forced on keyholder locks.
  • Keyholders can change some settings to their lock after it has been created.
  • Keyholders can block users from loading their locks if the lockee has decided to hide their stats/data.
  • Require DM added to keyholder locks.
  • Keyholders have an extra screen for each lockee showing information about that lockee and their lock.
  • Bottom OS bar and top status bar should now be hidden on all devices, and the app resized to fill the screen.


  • Lock estimations now work with bot decide options chosen.
  • Improved the chances of "Let keyholder decide" option registering correctly so that the keyholder see's that you're awaiting their decision (hopefully).
  • Improved lock updates.
  • Fixed a bug where revealing a red card with at least one accumulated chance remaining would sometimes trigger an unlock.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to get the minimum values higher than the maximum values and vice versa when creating a new lock.
  • Fixed a bug where fixed lock completed notifications were triggering too early.
  • Fixed a bug where freezing a fixed lock would say the user wouldn't be able to pick any cards.
  • Fixed a bug where the total time frozen on a fixed lock wasn't calculating correctly on the keyholder side which was sometimes briefly flagging the lock as completed on their side.
  • Fixed a bug where ticker text wasn't cycling properly for keyholders on fixed locks.


  • New 'Go Again' card added to help hide the true number of cards in play when card information is hidden.
  • When creating and loading variable locks you will now see an estimate of the lock length. The app will run the lock through a simulation 100 times within a second or so and return the best, average, and worst times.
  • Keyholder name now shows above the lock information after scanning/loading the QR code.
  • You can now share and load locks with URLs.
  • Rating of users now have to be given within 1 week of the lock finishing. Once rated you have 24 hours to change/correct the rating.
  • Keyholders can filter users that are awaiting a rating on completed/abandoned locks.
  • Improved lock updates.
  • Shared fixed locks created with timer hidden now hide the time on the QR code screen and when loading.
  • Fixed a bug where large red card countdown would show negative numbers.
  • Fixed locks shouldn't unlock when the time reaches zero if there's a keyholder update to action.
  • Fixed a bug where the random combination screen sometimes showed a timer greater than 60 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where QR codes would falsely show "Keyholder Limitations Removed" on fixed locks.
  • Fixed a page number bug on the card picking screen.
  • Fixed a bug where shared locks with keys disabled were being created with keys enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where a well timed closing of the app would cancel the card just revealed.


  • Yellow cards now show as large cards when revealed and require you to tap to continue adding/removing red cards.
  • Shared locks now require default CKU usernames to be changed before you can load them.
  • Fixed locks won’t show that you’re frozen by keyholder if the timer is hidden.
  • The last page number you were on is remembered after each shuffle.
  • You can now create a variable lock without red cards.
  • You can now set 0 as the minimum for reds, freeze, double ups, and reset cards.
  • You can now set 1 as the minimum number of greens cards for multiple greens required locks.
  • You can now copy and paste user ids on the Restore Account screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of chances were sometimes higher than the actual number after a freeze card finishes.
  • Fixed a bug where the greens found count was lost when restoring account.
  • Fixed a bug where updates were in the lock information window wasn’t being cleared properly when restoring an account.


  • Speed improvements throughout.
  • New card designs.
  • Lock information is now displayed on the QR code screen.
  • Lockees can filter their locks.
  • Coloured flags that can be filtered on.
  • More lock options.
  • Let keyholder decide once the lock has finished if you can unlock or reset and start again.
  • Freeze card introduced. Once revealed the lock is frozen for 2 to 4 times the draw time. So for example if you pick a card each hour, the lock will be frozen for 2 to 4 hours. Once frozen you can’t do anything but wait.
  • Keyholders can freeze a lock for as long as they choose (only if they have been trusted).
  • More time intervals for variable locks: 15M, 30M, 1H, 3H, 6H, 12H, and 24H.
  • Alphanumeric combinations added.
  • The app can read the combinations to you when they are being randomly displayed on the screen when creating a new lock.
  • Keyholders can rate users that have completed or abandoned their locks.
  • The app now checks for lock updates every minute when on the list of lock screens.
  • Keyholders can now see who you’re locked with if you have multiple keyholders and you’re on their lock.
  • Keyholders can create shared locks that block users from loading if they have active locks running already.
  • News page added for future announcements about ChastiKey.


  • Card animations can be toggled on/off.
  • Min and max sliders no longer overlap.
  • Lock buttons have been repositioned to the bottom of each lock instead of the side.
  • Buttons against each user on the manage users screens have also been repositioned to the bottom of each user.
  • Keyholders can reset a users variable locks remotely if trusted, and if the user created the lock in this version or above.
  • Added a confirm pop-up when creating shared locks.
  • Fixed a bug where some cards weren’t pickable in decks that had more than 1000 cards.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of users locked count was sometimes reducing each time you returned to the locks list.


  • Made the fixed locks add and minus buttons a little bigger on the manage users screen.
  • Put back screen controls at the bottom of the screen for some devices which should also fix the blank gap at the top some were seeing.
  • Made screens scrollable when content is larger than screen.
  • Options for creating a new lock no longer change while dragging the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the add time buttons for fixed locks weren’t always responding.
  • Fixed a bug where the restore screen wasn’t fully visible on some tablets.
  • Fixed a bug where the last modified time wasn’t pulling through properly for keyholders.


  • Fixed a bug where keyholders weren’t seeing the correct yellow counts when they were updating them.


  • Added a double up card. This card doubles the number of reds and yellows in play when drawn.
  • Locks can be set up to have multiple green cards.
  • All users can set their status to show if they are available, busy, or sleeping.
  • Added a new option to settings to opt out of being included in future public top 10 type lists.
  • You can now rate keyholder and bot controlled locks.
  • You can now view more information about each lock including last 5 updates history.
  • You can hide card counts and percentages when creating variable locks.
  • Added sort and filter options for keyholders.
  • Added Locked, Unlocked, and Deserted tabs to manage users screen.
  • New design for manage users screen.
  • Keyholders can favourite users.
  • Keyholders now see when the user was last active (variable locks only).
  • Keyholders now see when they last updated a users lock.
  • Keyholders now see the percentage chance of finding the green card (variable locks only).
  • Keyholders can hold down plus and minus buttons to add/remove cards quickly (variable locks only).
  • Combinations are encrypted on the device.
  • Sliders for green cards, double up cards, and reset cards are now min and max and increased to 10.
  • Bots now take into account when reset cards are revealed.
  • You can clear an emoji by tapping on it again.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on the large card wouldn’t always work.
  • Fixed a bug where being unlocked by a keyholder or bot wouldn’t always set the unlocked timestamp correctly.
  • (Hopefully) fixed a multiple keyholder count bug.


  • Added an icon for keyholders to show if a user has more than one keyholder.
  • Fixed an array bug a couple of users experienced when opening the app.
  • Fixed a bug where yellow cards weren’t always being removed from the deck when picked.
  • Fixed a bug where some shared locks weren’t starting with the correct number of reset cards.
  • Added an icon for keyholders to show if a user has more than one keyholder.
  • Fixed an array bug a couple of users experienced when opening the app.
  • Fixed a bug where yellow cards weren’t always being removed from the deck when picked.
  • Fixed a bug where some shared locks weren’t starting with the correct number of reset cards.


  • You can now create fake combination locks on fixed locks if the duration min and max sliders are different from each other.
  • You now have more options when creating a lock with a bot including pick the lock type.
  • How many goes it took to reveal the green card is now shown.
  • Restarting a lock now resets the chance count to 1.
  • More information about the lock is now shown when scanning.
  • Fixed a bug where the time kept counting up once unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug where the add time button was sometimes showing behind the combination on a completed lock.
  • Fixed a bug where circles were sometimes left behind when deleting locks.
  • Fixed a bug where the ads were above the keyboard when renaming shared locks.
  • Fixed a bug where full screen ads were appearing as soon as you opened the app.
  • Fixed a bug where local notifications appeared as soon as you created a variable lock.


  • You can now add time to your own fixed locks.
  • You can no longer add yellow or reset cards to your locks if they are controlled by a keyholder.
  • You can now create a variable lock with more yellow cards.
  • Once the green card is drawn you now have the choice to reveal the combination, start the lock again, or let the app choose randomly.
  • Variable locks will now run for at least the minimum duration they were set up for.
  • Keyholders can name their shared locks. Only they see the lock names they give.
  • Fixed a visual bug where a random card would shoot of the screen when you pressed the back button.
  • Fixed a bug where you was able to tap on the discard pile cards.
  • Re-worded and shortened the notification messages.


  • 4 bot keyholders added for solo play. 2 kind bots and 2 mean bots.
  • Min and max sliders for more customisable and random locks.
  • Quarter-hourly locks.
  • Reset lock card added.
  • Increased duration of daily & hourly locks.
  • You can add a random yellow card and a reset card to an existing variable lock.
  • Keyholder limitations removed if the user that is locked trusts the keyholder. The keyholder will see a little hand/heart icon next to the user if the user trusts the keyholder.
  • Daily locks can now be modified by the keyholder every 12 hours instead of every 24 hours.
  • Keyholders can add specific yellow cards to variable locks.
  • Keyholders can toggle hidden timer on and off for fixed locks. The user locked needs to be on the same or higher version too.
  • Keyholders now see the exact time the user has been locked.
  • The app now has some limited functionality when there’s server connection problems. You still need to be online.
  • QR codes updated and now show the minimum version required to load.
  • Load shared lock screen changed to only show the options after a lock was loaded/scanned.
  • Fixed a bug where the shared lock QR code was not entirely visible if viewing a lock far down in your shared locks list.
  • Fixed a bug where yellow minus cards weren’t subtracting red cards if they were the first cards drawn.
  • Locked and unlocked counts for keyholders no longer include fake locks.
  • Terms and conditions dialog/prompt added at the beginning of the app.


  • Hidden locks when modified by a keyholder will no longer show the user what changes were made.
  • Fixed a disable notifications bug.


  • You can now express your mood/feelings with each shared lock using emojis.
  • You can increase the time the flashing numbers are shown.
  • You can increase the number of keys needed to unlock early if you find the single key pricing too cheap and therefore too easy to unlock early.
  • Keyholders can now disable the option to purchase keys for early release when setting up a lock to share.
  • If a keyholder deletes the shared lock from their list the option to purchase a key will be enabled for all users using that lock.
  • Alert/warning added when loading a shared lock that’s no longer managed by the owner.
  • Keyholders will no longer be notified if someone loads a lock that they’ve deleted and no longer manage.
  • Fixed a bug where you was able to create fake copies of fixed locks when loading shared locks.


  • Create multiple fake copies of a lock (see help pages for more info)
  • If you purchase a key and unlock a fake lock you get to use the key again.
  • Back button now exits the app when pressed on the list of locks screen.
  • Added a button to scroll back to the top of the locks list.
  • Limited the number of lock updates shown in the alert when you open the app.
  • You can now restore user id’s if they have no active locks or only shared locks attached to them.
  • Fixed a bug where the enable key to unlock option wasn’t working correctly when loading shared locks.
  • Fixed a bug where some variable locks were being set up with hidden timer.
  • Fixed a bug where some fixed locks were being set up with cumulative chances.
  • Fixed a bug where some notifications were still queued after deleting locks.
  • An extra safe guard added at the beginning that checks to see if the lock on your device is in the database. You may find that the splash screen is a little slower the first time you run it if you’ve got locks on your device. The second time will be quicker.


  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t manage all shared locks if you had more than 5 in your list.


  • Push notifications added for when shared locks are loaded and modified. Both users need to be using v2.2.1+ for the notifications to work.
  • Locks are dynamically sorted, and in this order from top to bottom: unlocked, locks waiting for cards to be picked, locks counting down until next chance/unlocks, locks with hidden timer.
  • Added a refresh button to the manage users screen for keyholders.
  • Improvements made to restoring locks.
  • Fixed a bug where an ad was showing above the keyboard when editing username.
  • Fixed a bug where the notifications option on the settings page wasn’t saving/loading properly.


  • You can now fully control locks that you share. However you can’t control locks for users that have an old version of ChastiKey installed. They need to be using version 2.2.0 or greater too.
  • Added a basic profile page to be built on overtime. At the moment you can only give yourself a username from this screen.
  • Moved the help page to You can access the new help pages from within the app via the “Help” option in the menu. This will open the pages in your browser.
  • Added 3 digit combinations.
  • You can now delete active locks.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the “LOCKS SHARED” tab would take you to the cards screen if a certain criteria was met.
  • Fixed type locks in the “LOCKS SHARED” tab now show number of days/hours instead of a card count.
  • Fixed a bug where the delete button wasn’t showing for all shared locks in the “LOCKS SHARED” tab when you created a new one.
  • Stopped ads from showing when you come back to the app.
  • Fixed an error where the remove ads flag wasn’t being loaded correctly when the app was restarted, so ads were appearing again.
  • Removed “Restore Purchases” option menu. Found out it’s not required on Android.


  • Fixed a bug where you was able to click on hidden share buttons for locks that didn’t exist.
  • Fixed a bug where you could create a lock from the load shared locks screen, even when a shared lock wasn’t loaded.
  • Added the option to delete shared locks.
  • Once past the initial load screen the requests for server time should happen a little less often now.


  • Fixed a permissions problem that caused the app to crash when the camera was accessed to scan a QR code.


  • Shareable locks added. At the moment you can only see the number of users using your shared locks. More features to be added in future versions.
  • Added the option to add a random card to the deck.
  • Fixed a bug where the alerts were showing below the cards.


  • Updated design and icon.
  • Hourly locks.
  • Cumulative chances (variable locks only).
  • The option to hide lock timers (fixed locks only).
  • Replaced the jar with cards.
  • Help page.
  • Settings page.
  • 6 more colour schemes.


  • The option to choose variable or fixed duration type locks. Variable locks continue to use the coloured counter system. Fixed duration locks will remain locked for the number of days chosen.
  • Added a “None” button for number of yellow counters when choosing random bands.
  • Added the option to disable unlocking early with a purchased key.
  • A little alert after creating new locks that briefly explains how the combination is released. You can choose not to show this alert again.

VERSION 1.0.25

  • Device back button now acts the same as the back button at the top of the screen.
  • Notifications now take you to the app.

VERSION 1.0.21

  • Added the option to restore locks from a previous device or install. Lock data is now saved online. User registration not required.
  • Added the option to add 1, 2, or 3 red counters to the jar while the combination is locked away.

VERSION 1.0.19

  • Fixed a recently introduced bug where the green counter wasn’t being picked until it was the very last counter.

VERSION 1.0.18

  • Added a disclaimer button when creating new locks to warn that the locks are stored on the device only at the moment. A new version will be released soon with some form of online backup.

VERSION 1.0.17

  • Added random options for when creating new locks.

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