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 ====== Multiple Greens Required ====== ====== Multiple Greens Required ======
-Multiple green cards act in two different ways depending on how the lock was set up:+If set as ‘Yes’ you would need to find all of the greens ​in the deck for the lock to end. Any extra greens added by a keyholder during the lock will have to be found too.
-  - If the lock was set up with only 1 green than it will require only 1 green to unlock, even if more greens were added by your keyholder. +If set as ‘No’ then only one green card would need to be found. Any extra greens ​in the deck increase ​the chance of finding just one of them making ​it easier to end the lock early. 
-  - If the lock was set up with more than 1 green card then it will require all of the greens ​to be found before it unlocks, even if more greens ​were added by your keyholder. So for example if the lock start with 3 greens ​it becomes a lock that requires multiple ​greens ​to be found, ​and all 3 would need to be found. If however ​the keyholder ​adds another 2, making it 5 greens then all 5 greens will need to be found.+ 
 +Any greens found go back into the deck if a reset card is revealedor the keyholder ​resets the lock.
-If there’s 4 greens in the deck and you’ve revealed 2 of them and then reveal a reset card, the 2 you’ve found go back into the deck or discarded (depending on the number of greens the lock started with) and then you have to find them all again. 
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