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 ====== Managing Shared Locks (as a Keyholder) ====== ====== Managing Shared Locks (as a Keyholder) ======
-As a keyholder using ChastiKey you are able to create a lock with a number of settings and share that lock privately with a partner or small group of people, or publicly share it on forums, websites, and social networks ​like Twitter etc.+As a keyholder using ChastiKey you are able to create a lock with a number of settings and share that lock privately with a partner or small group of people, or publicly share it on forums, websites, and social networks.
-When you’ve created a lock you will be given a QR image which has your created ​lock encoded in it. You can either ​take a screenshot and share it that way or use the standard share options on your device by pressing the share button.+When you’ve created a lockyou will have the option to share it as QR code which has your lock ID encoded in it, or a URLA lockee ​can load your lock from either ​of these.
-For each person that loads your shared ​lock you will be able to manage ​them by increasing or decreasing their duration locked, as well as instantly unlocking them.+When they load it, they will start a lock with all of the settings you chose, and you will be able to update and manage ​that lock remotely from your device.
-There are limits to the changes ​you can make and how often, for example for variable ​lock (a lock that uses the cards system) you can add up to 7 red cards, ​and 3 of each type of yellow ​cards. You can do this each hour or every 12 hours depending on the “Chance regularity” option ​you chose when creating the lock. For fixed locks you can add up to 7 hours or dayseach hour or every 12 hours (again depending on the settings chosen when creating the lock). There are no limits to the number of cards that can be removed. With the exception of greens. There must always be at least one green card in the deck.+If a lockee says that they trust you when loading your lockor if you’ve forced trust (there’s an option ​for that when creating ​a lock) then you will be able to add and remove as many cards or time as you want and as often as you wantproviding you’re not going over the maximum ​that the app allows.
-If youre not sure what the options mean or how the two different types of locks fixed and variable work, then please take a moment ​to glance over the other help pagesspecifically the “Lock Types and Options” pages.+If they said that they dont trust you which is recommended to the lockee if this is their first time locking with you then you are limited ​to what you can add and how often. On a variable lock the limits are 7 reds, and 3 of each type of yellow cards. You’re not able to add extra greens, resets, double ups, or freeze cards. You may also have to wait a period of time before you can make an update.
-You can delete shared locks from your list of shared ​locks but locks deleted will still exist and can still be loaded by other users if they have access to the shared QR image. You just won’t ​see the lock anymore and you will no longer be able to control ​the users that have loaded your lock.+On each of your locks you can see lockees that are currently locked under the lock, those that have finished ​the locked, and those that have abandoned the lock, these are people that loaded your lock and deleted it along with their combination before the lock finished, so probably wasn’t really locked in the first place.
-If they trust you you will see an icon to the left of their username on the manage users screen. The icon is a hand with a floating hand above it. 
-If the user has an icon showing a bunch of keys next to their username then it means that they have at least one other lock active with another keyholder or bot. In version 2.4.0 and above you can click on the multiple keyholders icon to see which other keyholders or bots the user is locked with. 
-Also in version 2.4.0 you have the option to freeze a lock. Once frozen the user can’t do anything with the lock until you unfreeze it. On a variable lock once they’re frozen they won’t be able to pick any cards. On a fixed lock the timer will stop counting down. You can only freeze a lock if they’ve trusted you when loading your lock. 
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