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 ===== Fixed Locks ===== ===== Fixed Locks =====
-Fixed locks run their duration without changingIf you want a lock to last an exact amount of time then fixed locks is what you’re after. Unlike variable locks (explained below) there’s no chance of releasing early, not without purchasing a key to unlock.+Fixed locks are timer-based locksYou set how long the lock should ​last and it will count down to zero from that given duration.
-Once the lock has been set up you will see a countdown showing how long you have until releaseunless of course ​you’ve chosen to hide the timer.+Fixed locks if run as a solo lock (no keyholder or bot controlling it) can have time added to it once it has startedbut you cant as a lockee remove time.
-** ADD IMAGE HERE **+Fixed locks can be set up to last anywhere between a few minutes or a year.
-Fixed locks can be set up to last between 15 minutes ​and 365 days.+Lockees ​can only add time to their fixed lock. They cannot remove time. Keyholder'​s can add/remove time to the lockees lock. They can also hide the timer so the lockee can’t see how long is left, and they can reset the lock and freeze it. Resetting the lock will set the counter back to its original starting number and start the countdown ​to zero again. Freezing the lock will pause the timer and will remain paused until the keyholder unfreezes the lock.
 ===== Variable Locks ===== ===== Variable Locks =====
-Variable locks use a card system ​where you get a chance ​to release if you find a particular card. Like fixed locks you can set variable locks to run between 15 minutes and 365+ daysYou will get a chance to pick a card from a deck every 15 minuteshour, or day, depending on the settings you choseIf you reveal the required number ​of green cards the lock will finish ​and you will be able to unlock your chastity device or self bondage restraints.+Variable locks use a card system to determine when the lockee ​can unlockThe lockee ​will get a chance to pick a card at regular intervalsand the cards they reveal will affect how easy it is to get free More details about each card can be found here. But to summarise them, there are currently 7 types of cards that can be included in the deck, and they are:
-There are a number of different ​cards: green, red, yellow (which add/remove reds), freeze , reset, and double up. Each are explained below. There will always be at least 1 green card assigned to each lock. The number of colour of cards assigned to the deck will depend on the options you choose when setting up the lock. The number of cards assigned to the lock can be increased/​decreased during the lock session depending on what cards you’ve revealed each go. +  * Green cards when found will end the lock and release ​the combination. A lock might require ​only one green card to be found, ​or all of them
- +  ​* ​Red cards will end the go and delay the lockee from picking ​another card for certain amount ​of time. 
-Because the number of cards can increase/​decrease each go you never really know how long you will be locked for which is why it is called a variable lock. +  * Yellow ​cards will add and remove red cards. 
- +  ​* ​Double ​ups will double ​the number of reds and yellows in play. 
-Every 15 minutes, hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours you will pick one card from a deck of face down cards. +  * Freeze ​cards are like red cards, ​but the delay before ​the lockee ​can pick again is 2 to 4 times as long as red card. 
- +  ​* ​Reset cards will reset the number of reds, yellows, and greens to the number the lock started with
-It looks like a fixed lock in your list except the countdown shows when you can next go, and it shows the percentage and count of each card colour that’s in the deck: +  * Go again cards only appear in locks where the information showing the number of each card is hiddenA random number of these are added to the lock to make it little harder ​to count and guess how many of each card might be in the deck. When revealed ​the lockee can pick again. They do not affect the length of the lock.         
- +
- +
-==== Green Cards ==== +
-A lock can have multiple greens in the deck. If the lock starts with more than 1 green than all greens would need to be found. If it starts with only 1 green cards than only 1 green card will need to be found, ​even if there’s more than 1 green card in the deck (added during the session). +
- +
-If you reveal the required number ​of green cards you will be shown your combination code that will unlock your safe or combination padlock that’s holding your key. The lock is now finished and you’re able to unlock your chastity device or self bondage restraints. Before revealing the combination you can choose to reset the lock and not show the combination just yet, do a 50/50 gamble, let your keyholder decide, or leave it and decide later+
- +
-==== Red Cards ==== +
-If you reveal a red card you will have to wait before you can try again. Depending on the settings you chose that next chance will either be in 15 minutes, an hour, or 1 day etc. +
- +
-You can also add red cards during a session but once added the action can’t be undone. +
- +
-==== Yellow Cards ==== +
-Yellow cards either add or remove red cards from the deck. The number of red cards that will be added or removed is shown on the card. When you reveal a yellow ​and the red cards have been added or removed you will immediately get another chance to pick another card+
- +
-Yellow cards can really increase the duration of the lock if you’re very unlucky and get lots of yellow cards that add reds. Of course they can also help you release early if you’re lucky enough to get lots of yellow cards that remove reds. +
- +
-When setting up the lock you have the option to include or not include yellow cards. You can also add yellow cards during ​session (except on locks that are controlled remotely by a keyholder or bot) +
- +
-==== Freeze Cards ==== +
-Freeze cards when revealed will freeze the lock for 2-4 times the regularity ​of the lock, so if you’re picking cards every hour the lock will be frozen between 2 and 4 hours. If you’re picking every 15 minutes it will be frozen between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Once frozen you’re not able to do anything and will have to wait until it unfreezes. You won’t know the exact time it will be frozen for so you will need to keep checking when it gets closer to being due+
- +
-The keyholder can create locks to share with up to 20 freeze ​cards but once the lock has been loaded by a user they are not able to add more freeze ​cards unless the user said they trusted the keyholder when loading the lock+
- +
-If trusted the keyholder can also freeze the lock without you needing to find the card, and can keep you frozen for as long as they choose. +
- +
-==== ‘Double ​Up’ Cards ==== +
-When revealed, ​the number of reds and yellows in play will doubleIt doesn’t double any of the other cards. When it doubles the yellow ​cards in play it doubles each of the type of yellows in playso if you had 3 yellows that add +2 reds when revealed you will end up with 6 yellows that add +2 reds. +
- +
-If you have several of these in the deck the deck can grow quite quickly so keep that in mind before adding too many. You may want to include ​reset card or two for that chance to bring the card count back down before it gets too high+
- +
-The keyholder can create locks to share with up to 20 double up cards but once the lock has been loaded by a user they are not able to add more double up cards unless the user said they trusted the keyholder when loading the lock. +
- +
-==== ‘Reset Lock’ Cards ==== +
-Reset Lock’ ​cards will restart ​the lock if drawn. It restarts with the original ​number of greens, ​reds, and yellows ​the lock had when it was first created. The number of other cards like resetdouble up and freeze remain ​the same as they were before it was reset. Only greens, reds, and yellows change+
- +
-Reset cards also clear any accumulated chances you had before ​the reset card was revealed. +
- +
-The keyholder can create locks to share with up to 20 reset cards but once the lock has been loaded by user they are not able to add more reset cards unless ​the user said they trusted ​the keyholder when loading ​the lock. +
- +
-** ADD CARD IMAGES **         ​+
 ==== Setting a Variable Lock with a Minimum Duration ==== ==== Setting a Variable Lock with a Minimum Duration ====
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