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Main Lock Types

There are two main type of locks in ChastiKey: fixed locks and variable locks.

Fixed Locks

Fixed locks are timer-based locks. You set how long the lock should last and it will count down to zero from that given duration.

Fixed locks if run as a solo lock (no keyholder or bot controlling it) can have time added to it once it has started, but you can’t as a lockee remove time.

Fixed locks can be set up to last anywhere between a few minutes or a year.

Lockees can only add time to their fixed lock. They cannot remove time. Keyholder's can add/remove time to the lockees lock. They can also hide the timer so the lockee can’t see how long is left, and they can reset the lock and freeze it. Resetting the lock will set the counter back to its original starting number and start the countdown to zero again. Freezing the lock will pause the timer and will remain paused until the keyholder unfreezes the lock.

Variable Locks

Variable locks use a card system to determine when the lockee can unlock. The lockee will get a chance to pick a card at regular intervals, and the cards they reveal will affect how easy it is to get free. More details about each card can be found here. But to summarise them, there are currently 7 types of cards that can be included in the deck, and they are:

  • Green cards when found will end the lock and release the combination. A lock might require only one green card to be found, or all of them.
  • Red cards will end the go and delay the lockee from picking another card for a certain amount of time.
  • Yellow cards will add and remove red cards.
  • Double ups will double the number of reds and yellows in play.
  • Freeze cards are like red cards, but the delay before the lockee can pick again is 2 to 4 times as long as a red card.
  • Reset cards will reset the number of reds, yellows, and greens to the number the lock started with.
  • Go again cards only appear in locks where the information showing the number of each card is hidden. A random number of these are added to the lock to make it a little harder to count and guess how many of each card might be in the deck. When revealed the lockee can pick again. They do not affect the length of the lock.
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