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Loading Shared Locks

When creating a new lock a user has the option to create a lock that can be shared with others. And when you load a lock that has been shared you will load the settings that they chose and they will become your keyholder until the lock has finished.

When a user shares a lock they are sharing a QR image that’s encoded with the lock ID. You can load a shared QR image in one of two ways. You can save the image to your device and load it from your device gallery/photo album, or you can scan the QR image with your device camera.

Once you’ve loaded the image you will see all of the information about the lock, i.e. the number of each card type included, if emergency keys have been disabled, how other users have rated the lock/keyholder, plus more. Some of this information can be hidden by the keyholder.

A keyholder can add or remove the different card types to users that have loaded their shared variable locks, and add or remove hours/days to users that have loaded their shared fixed locks.

A keyholder will see a list of users that have loaded their lock and that are currently locked with it. For each user they will see a username, how long that user has been locked for so far and how many cards or hours/days they have left with the option to make changes as well as instantly unlock users. Each user is assigned a default username which will look something like this: CKU457. You have the option to change it from within your profile page.

Changes a keyholder has made to your lock will show the next time you load the app (when the black splash/logo screen shows). You can also press the refresh button at the top of the locks screen which will download the latest changes made, if there are any changes available. You will see an alert that looks a little like this and a ribbon on the top right of the lock which says that it was updated remotely.

Please note that there is no way to communicate with users within ChastiKey at the moment so please use other channels to communicate with users that are sharing locks.

You also aren’t able to search for users/keyholders from within ChastiKey. This may change but in the meantime there’s plenty of shared locks on the ChastiKey Forums. Some users also share locks via other channels like Tumblr and Twitter etc.

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