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Loading a Keyholder Controlled Lock (Shared Locks)

When a user creates a lock, they have the option to create it for themselves, or others. If they choose others it becomes a keyholder controlled lock (also called ‘Shared Locks’), and they become the keyholder to anyone that loads that lock.

Keyholder controlled locks can be shared as a QR code that the lockee scans, or as a URL. Both of which can be loaded on the lockees side.

As a lockee, once you scan/load the lock you will be shown a list of all of the lock settings the keyholder chose (some of which may be hidden), and you may also be given a few options that you can choose yourself. After this the steps are the same as creating a solo lock for yourself, you would be given a combination to set your physical lock box or safe with, and the lock will start after that. Once you’re locked under the keyholders lock they will be able to add and remove cards/time and do other updates like freeze a lock, reset it, or unlock it.

ChastiKey does not offer a way to communicate with users within the app but looking at each other’s profiles you can often see their social account usernames where you can reach out to them. We also have a large Discord server which is active 24/7 where you may find the keyholder or lockee you’re running a lock with.

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