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Keyholder Bots

You can have bots control your locks if you want to play alone or haven’t got a real keyholder.


There are 4 bots to choose from, 2 women, and 2 men. Hailey and Blaine are kind bots which are more likely to let you out on time/early, while the other two: Zoe and Chase are mean bots which will tend to ignore your settings, and may keep you locked longer than you wanted.

You can choose if the lock with them is a variable lock, fixed lock, or leave it for them to decide.

Keyholder bots adhere to the same rules and limitations that are in place for real keyholders so they won’t and can’t update your lock every 10 minutes. They do not yet have the option to say you trust them so you can’t have all of their restrictions removed.

At the moment the 4 bots update your locks based on a number of percentage rolls and chances based on their kindness level. These numbers will be tweaked over time and eventually they will be made a little cleverer.

They will not add reset or double up cards once the lock is running but that may change in the future.

You can send the bots emojis to show how you feel with the lock. They may send one back when updating your lock.

They generally won’t keep you locked for longer than twice the initial desired length of time, but if you reveal reset cards on a variable lock then they may take you past that point. If you have to be out within 7 days and you’re using Zoe or Chase then set the maximum red cards value as less than 7 (if a daily lock) and maybe leave out the reset cards.

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