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 ====== Keyholder Bots ====== ====== Keyholder Bots ======
-You can have bots control your locks if you want to play alone or haven’t got real keyholder.+ChastiKey currently has 4 bot keyholders called Hailey, Blaine, Zoe, and Chase. Hailey and Blaine are considered kinder ​bots, and Zoe and Chase are meaner bots. This makes difference when it comes to them deciding when they will unlock you.
-** ADD IMAGE HERE **+When creating a lock, you still decide a lot of the settings for the lock, but there are some where you can let the bot decide.
-There are 4 bots to choose from, 2 women, and 2 men. Hailey and Blaine are kind bots which are more likely to let you out on time/early, while the other two: Zoe and Chase are mean bots which will tend to ignore your settings, and may keep you locked longer than you wanted.+Keyholder ​bots adhere ​to the same rules and limitations that are in place for real keyholders.
-You can choose ​if the lock with them is variable lockfixed lock, or leave it for them to decide.+A lot of their decisions are based on percentage rolls, and those are determined by real keyholder updates that have been made over the last few years, so for example ​if 6.75% of all historical updates was adding one or more freeze cards then that’s ​the chance the bots have at adding ​freeze card to your deck. These are also adjusted slightly depending on the bot that’s making the updateand how many times you’ve locked with them before.
-Keyholder bots adhere to the same rules and limitations that are in place for real keyholders so they won’t and can’t update your lock every 10 minutes. They do not yet have the option to say you trust them so you cant have all of their restrictions removed.+Keyholder bots will not react differently based on the emoji/​mood ​you’ve set on the lock.
-At the moment ​the 4 bots update your locks based on a number ​of percentage rolls and chances based on their kindness levelThese numbers will be tweaked over time and eventually they will be made a little cleverer.+Below you will find a list of some of the decisions that they make and the chance ​of them happening. The percentages shown are approximate ​and rounded and change frequentlyThey do not include card and time updates.
-They will not add reset or double up cards once the lock is running but that may change in the future.+**End of Lock Decision** 
 +  * Hailey & Blaine 25% reset, 75% unlock 
 +  * Zoe & Chase 50% reset, 50% unlock
-You can send the bots emojis to show how you feel with the lock. They may send one back when updating your lock.+**Reset Lock (if Trusted)**\\ 
 +//1. The chance decreases fractionally based on the number of times reset so far.//\\ 
 +//2. There is a set time before they will do a reset based on the initial ​lock settings (number of red cards started with on a variable ​lock) and when last reset.// 
 +  * Hailey & Blaine 3% 
 +  * Zoe & Chase 6%
-They generally won’t keep you locked for longer than twice the initial ​desired length ​of time, but if you reveal reset cards on a variable lock then they may take you past that pointIf you have to be out within ​days and you’re using Zoe or Chase then set the maximum red cards value as less than 7 (if a daily lockand maybe leave out the reset cards.+**Unlock Lock**\\ 
 +//1. The chance increases once it has passed expected time to unlock.//​\\ 
 +//2. The time to unlock is based on the initial ​lock settings (number ​of red cards the lock started with if it’s ​a variable lock) and the botEach bot has a number of modifiers applied ​to the expected time to unlock.// 
 +  * Hailey & Blaine 8% 
 +  * Zoe & Chase 8% 
 +**Card Info Hidden/​Unhidden** 
 +  * Hide 4% 
 +  * Unhide ​7
 +**Timer Hidden/​Unhidden** 
 +  * Hide 8% 
 +  * Unhide 8% 
 +**Freeze Lock (if Trusted)** 
 +  * Hailey & Blaine 5% 
 +  * Zoe & Chase 8% 
 +**Unfreeze Lock**\\ 
 +//1. A bot keyholder freeze should typically last between 1 and 8 times the draw interval but can last longer.// 
 +  * Hailey & Blaine 9% 
 +  * Zoe Chase 7% 
 +===== Deciding The Lock Duration ===== 
 +The bots calculate ​the original expected unlock timestamp (plus any changes you've made and lock resets), the current expected unlock timestamp (based on the number of reds left), and the actual timestamp to unlock the following ways: 
 +* Original expected unlock timestamp is based on picking the maximum of the two following:​ 
 +- timestamp locked + (draw interval * (maximum red cards + red cards added)) 
 +- timestamp locked + average simulation time 
 +* Current expected unlock timestamp is based on timestamp locked + (draw interval * red cards). If the lock has reset at least once then it is based on timestamp locked + (timestamp last reset - timestamp locked) + (draw interval * red cards
 +* Actual timestamp to unlock is based on (original expected unlock timestamp + current expected unlock timestamp) / 2 
 +There'​s a further modification applied to the actual timestamp to unlock based on the bot: 
 +Hailey & Blaine will set the actual timestamp to unlock as actual timestamp to unlock + random(-10% time left, 20% time left)\\ 
 +Zoe & Chase will set the actual timestamp to unlock as actual timestamp to unlock + random(-5% time left, 40% time left) 
 +Once the current timestamp has passed the actual timestamp to unlock there'​s an 8% chance (aprox) that they will unlock you. The further the current timestamp goes past the actual timestamp to unlock the 8% chance increases.
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