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Hiding Card Counts & Percentages

It is possible to start a lock hiding the card count and percentages meaning you won’t know how many of each colour card is included in the deck.

The keyholder can also toggle this on and off with their normal lock updates.

Any updates they send while the card counts and percentages are hidden will also be hidden too. You will be notified that they’ve updated the lock but you won’t know if they’ve added or removed cards, or what colours they’ve modified.

A keyholder can create a lock with this set as hidden by default. If they do then the card counts will be hidden when you’re scanning the lock so you won’t know how long it might last or what’s in store. It’s not recommended loading a lock where this information is hidden if you’ve no experience with the keyholder.

If you need to find multiple greens to unlock and the card count is hidden you won’t know how many more greens need to be found until you’ve found them all. It will say you’ve found 1 of ?? greens.

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