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Fake Combination Locks

You can create fake copies of a lock you’re setting up which each act independently with their own combination codes. Only one of the locks you set up will be the real combination that you set your safe/lock box with, the others will be fake combination codes. You won’t know which one is real until the combination is revealed and you try using it to unlock your safe/lock box.

Imagine how frustrating it would be to reveal the green card only to find out the combination given doesn’t open your safe/lock box and you remain in chastity until one of the other locks reveal the correct one. Now imagine having 5-10 fake locks.

Once you’ve found the real lock and got your keys from the safe/lockbox you can safely delete all of the fake locks that are still active. You don’t need to continue trying to find the green card in each of those.

Having multiple copies of the same lock doesn’t really change the duration of the lock. If you set up a lock with 4 red cards and no yellow cards the lock will last upto 4 hours, if you have 19 copies of that lock it’s still going to last up to 4 hours. It’s just that you might end up revealing 12 fake combinations before the real one within those 4 hours. If you add yellow cards to the lock then each copy would have different yellow cards. Some may run longer if you reveal yellow cards that add red cards, and others would end a lot quicker if you reveal yellow cards that take away red cards.

This option is available for variable and fixed locks but will only appear for fixed locks if you choose a random duration for the number of days/hours the lock should last for.

If you’re a keyholder creating shared locks and you don’t want to see fake locks in your list of users you can choose to not allow fake locks to be created when the user loads your lock. You can also set the maximum number of fake locks you’d be willing to manage. If you don’t want to see up to 19 fake locks from each user then limit the amount you’re willing to manage to a much smaller number. If for example you choose a maximum of 3 then you’re allowing each user that loads your lock to create up to 3 fake copies if they wish.

If you do allow fake locks to be created from your shared lock then it’s recommended that you add and remove cards to some of the fake locks as well as the real lock because otherwise it might become apparent quite quickly to the user which of the locks in their list is real as it’s the only one that’s being modified.

You can clearly see which is fake as it will have “(Fake Lock)” next to the username. In the screenshot below the real lock is the bottom one:

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