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Deleting/Restoring Lockee Locks

When you delete a lock, it will be added to a list of deleted locks within the last 30 days and can be accessed from the ChastiKey app menu.

From this screen you can restore the lock if it was deleted within the last 24 hours (bin icon), and it will return to your ‘My Locks’ and will continue from where it was before it was deleted.

From the deleted locks screen, you can also restart any keyholder controlled locks that you previously completed (ChastiKey logo shaped icon with a plus symbol in the middle). Restarting them would start a new lock as if you were scanning a QR code for the lock or loading it from URL. You can’t reload keyholder locks that you abandoned from this screen. You would need to find the QR code or URL for the lock if you wanted to load it again, although it’s not a good idea to load the lock again if you previously abandoned it, unless you’ve got permission from the keyholder.

You can’t at the moment restart any solo or bot locks you that you completed which are in this deleted list because at the moment there’s not enough information available to make this possible. This may be something that becomes possible in a future version of ChastiKey.

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