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About ChastiKey

ChastiKey is a mobile app that can be used to manage chastity and self-bondage sessions. It does this by giving the lockee a random combination which they would use to lock away their keys. Once locked away the app will keep that combination hidden from them until a later time/date.

With ChastiKey you can create one of two types of locks that have to be completed in the app before the combination is released: Fixed locks, and variable locks.

Fixed locks are simple timer locks that count down to zero. Once it reaches zero the lock has completed, and the combination needed to unlock will be released.

Variable locks use a card system that the lockee plays out until they’ve found the card or cards needed to release. Each card revealed have different rules that affect how long the lock lasts. And one card (the green card) will release the combination so that they can unlock.

Locks in the app can be run as solo locks, locks that have bot keyholders, and locks with other users acting as the keyholder. Keyholders can manage locks remotely by adding and removing time or cards.

The app does not require any special lock box to work. No Bluetooth or internet-controlled lock box is needed. It works with any of the following:

  • Combination padlocks, like the ones that some use for luggage
  • Combination lock boxes, also known as realtor lock boxes
  • Digital safes
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